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SPOKANE, Wash. – When a baby suddenly stopped breathing in a store, a hero rushed in to save him. He wasn’t a doctors or a paramedic, but a car mechanic, whose phone had alerted him to the emergency near his job.

When Baby Nolan suddenly started turning blue in a store in Spokane, Washington, his mother, Karen Garrison, panicked, screaming for someone to call 911.

A block and a half away, Jeff Olson was fixing a car as a part of his job as a mechanic. His phone suddenly started to buzz and made a strange sound, according KREM.

“I looked down and it said, ‘CPR needed’ and I went, ‘Oh, that’s a Pulse Point,” Olson said.

The Pulse Point app was tied into Spokane’s dispatch system several years ago. As soon as Olson got the alert, he took off running. He is a volunteer EMT and is trained in CPR.

Olson arrived a few minutes later.

“He was really, really blue,” recalled Olson. “So I just started doing some rescue breathing.”

A few minutes later, paramedics arrived. Just as Olson handed off baby Nolan to them, he started to cry.

Today, Nolan is a happy toddler.

His mother can’t thank Olson enough for what he did that day.

“I am eternally grateful to him. If he wouldn’t have been there, I don’t know what would have happened,” said Garrison. “I’m so grateful for him.”