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ORLANDO, Fla. – A Florida man was so moved by a homeless woman’s story that he found a way to help her in a big way.

Greg Smith works in downtown Orlando, Florida and says he always sees a homeless woman named Amy Joe, but she never asks for money.

“She simply said ‘Good morning Sir, have a great day. God Bless!!’ and smiled,” Smith wrote on Facebook. “I wear a suit to work everyday so I get asked a lot for money quite often downtown…but never once from Amy Joe.”

The two started having lunch together every Tuesday. He says he’s amazed by how positive Amy Joe is despite her difficult life.

Then one morning, Smith said she “dropped a bomb” on him: she can’t read.

“Amy Joe does not smoke, drink, have a drug addiction, or anything to that nature,” wrote Smith. “She simply just has never had anyone teach her how to read.”

Because she can’t read, Amy Joe told Smith she had trouble finding work. Smith learned just how dedicated she is to learning how to read.

“She began to tell me any money that she can collect she uses to check out library books that help with learning to read instead of buying FOOD,” wrote Smith. “This crushed me!!! She would rather learn to read to maybe find a job then eat!!!”

Smith said in addition to their weekly lunches, he is now reading with Amy Joe.

“I rent one library book a week and we read it together Tuesday and she practices on her own throughout the rest of the week,” wrote Smith.

He hopes his story will inspire others to do something kind for those less fortunate.

“There are a lot of people out there like Amy Joe, not all are hungry, homeless, or hurt. Some could be your family or friends. Helping someone could be as easy as saying hello and smiling. I have been fortunate enough in my finances that I can take care of Amy Joe, so that’s what I’m going to do,” wrote Smith.

Since getting attention on social media, Smith started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help Amy Joe and others like her. The page has already raised more than $2,000.

According to ABC News, Smith is working with a lawyer to develop the organization under the slogan, “One person at a time.”

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