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By Brett Rosner, WSB-TV

BOSTON – Friends and family of a man are raising money after he experienced a series of tragedies that no one can imagine.

Domingos Fraga’s 26-year-old wife died after bleeding out during an emergency C-section at a Boston hospital on May 6. Liz Fraga had no complications during her pregnancy, Fraga said.

Their daughter, Juliet, took in too much blood during birth. She fought for 5 days before passing.

“I got to hold her and read to her every night,” Fraga told WCVB. “They were meant to be together. Liz wanted to hold her.”

During the wake for Fraga’s wife and child, he learned of another death in his family: His sister.

His sister, Melinda, battled advanced cervical cancer before succumbing to the disease.

Fraga held a funeral for his wife and child on Tuesday.

Fraga’s longtime friend started a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for the funerals.

“You’re already going through the whole emotional burden, and on top of it a financial one. I couldn’t see my best friend going through that,” Domingos Pereira told WCVB.

Fraga wrote on the GoFundMe page thanking everyone for the support.