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By Blaine Tolison, WSOC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A worker at a North Carolina women’s shelter found a young boy outside, lost and crying on Tuesday and used Facebook to locate his family.

Laquinta Caldwell, the boy’s mother, didn’t know where 4-year-old Makyi was for about half an hour.

When his bus never showed up at their apartment, she twice called Walter G. Byers School in Charlotte.

As Caldwell searched for her son, Mayki actually ended up finding her.

He was supposed to be dropped off at his family’s apartment complex, but his bus driver let him off several miles away at a women’s shelter on Spratt Street.

He and a worker at the shelter got on Facebook, located his mom and sent a Facebook message.

“I receive a message on Facebook from a lady that I don’t even know,” said Caldwell. “And she was like, ‘hey this is Miss Sabrina. We have your son. He’s down here at the women’s shelter.'”

The young boy was immediately reunited with his family. Caldwell is still left with questions about how this happened.

“Anything could have happened. He could’ve got hit by a car. Somebody else could have picked him up, if it wasn’t for that lady who took him in the inside of the shelter,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell takes her son to school now because he’s too afraid to ride the bus.