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Four-year-old Parker Sullivan has a mind unlike most children.

His mom, Megan Sullivan says in his free time, he likes to study the periodic table. During “playtime” he makes flashcards and quizzes himself.

He was in preschool, but halfway through the year, his teachers and parents decided to move him up to kindergarten, ABC News reports.

His mom says he has trouble making friends, because he doesn’t enjoy the same things most other kids enjoy.

But in his new class, he met Janelle.

“Her mother told me that she was having trouble making friends as well, but when the two met, they became inseparable,” Sullivan told ABC News. “Parker’s friend teaches him how to be a kid, running around, being silly, and picking up worms, while he teaches her to read, write, and memorize the periodic table. Their friendship truly is beautiful and innocent. They wake up excited to see each other, play all day at school together, and then ask to play after school together every single day.”

Their friendship is so strong that another parent in the class took note. Breanna Rendon’s daughter is also in their class. She’s a photographer and asked Parker’s parents and Janelle’s parents if she could take photos of them and document their friendship.

“As a mom and a photographer, I noticed their special bond and how truly sweet and magical it was,” said Rendon.