Before she was killed at the hands of a classmate at Columbine High School, Rachel Joy Scott meticulously documented her thoughts, dreams and aspirations in pages and pages of journals.

“It’s almost prophetic… that she knew something was coming,” actress Masey McLain told Hot Topics in an interview about the new movie “I’m Not Ashamed,” which follows Rachel’s life up to the shooting. “It’s almost like she knew she was about to die.”

In preparation for the role, Rachel’s mother gave McLain eight of Rachel’s journals to read. The movie is based on Rachel’s life, told through those journals.

“I got to talk to her mom. She would sit down with me for honestly however long I wanted. She would tell me anything I wanted to know,” said McLain.

McLain hopes Rachel’s story touches others the same way it affected her.

“One thing that I hope people take away really is to live with purpose. Rachel wasn’t ‘special’ in the fact that she got to make this huge impact. I think we all have the opportunity to do that,” said McLain.

“I’m Not Ashamed” is playing in select theaters now.


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