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BOSTON – A janitor has worked overnights at Boston College for decades, in hopes of seeing his five children graduate from the school someday.

This year, he watched his last daughter, his fifth child, graduate from the university. Boston College has a policy that says if you work at the school, your kids can attend for free as long as they are accepted to the school.

Fred Vautour remembers the day his oldest daughter got an acceptance letter from the university.

“She broke down crying, and I broke down crying, and we hugged each other. And there’s pictures in my house of that,” Vautour told CBS News.

All five of his kids’ acceptance letters were framed and now hang in their dining room.

Over the years, Boston College has given the Vautour family over $700,000 worth of free tuition.

He said years of working at the school paid off big time for his family.

“Me and my wife struggled through a lot of years, but seeing that made it all worthwhile,” said Vautour.