CALDWELL, Idaho – A couple married for 55 years passed away within a few hours of each other, their love story ending while they were still holding hands.  Children of Ana Maria and Domingo Chavez say their parents’ love was like no other.

The couple loved to dance, and they met decades ago on the dance floor at a Blue Moon Dance in Pharr, Texas. The two raised a family together and even worked at the same Idaho farm for years. And even after all those years together, they were still always dancing, family members told KTVB.

“My grandpa he twirled with her…they just love dancing,” said Krystal.

In 2006, Ana Maria was diagnosed with dementia. Domingo was diagnosed shortly later. Their health deteriorated quickly. On Thursday, family members pushed their beds together and the two held hands on a heart-shaped pillow.

Ana Maria passed away first, still holding Domingo’s hand. Family members say Domingo became extremely sad, and passed away just a few hours later.

The Chavez’s have 30 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren together.

Husband and wife married 55 years die hours apart holding hands

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