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ORLANDO – A man is recovering in a hospital following a shooting at an Orlando nightclub thanks to help from a stranger.

Joshua McGill posted on Facebook describing the heart-stopping moments shots rang out at Pulse nightclub around 2 a.m. Sunday morning. He said while hiding from the gunman when he spotted a man who had been shot.

“I hid under a car and found one of the victims that was shot,” wrote McGill.

McGill explained that he was able to get to the man, who he later learned was Rodney Sumter, 27. Sumter was a bartender at Pulse. McGill explained Sumter was shot three times.


“I went and grabbed him, brought him behind the car where I was,” McGill told ABC News.

Sumter was shot once in each arm. McGill used his shirt as a tourniquet, hoping to stop the bleeding.

“Words cannot and will not describe the feeling of that. Being covered in blood,” wrote McGill on Facebook.

He helped Sumter get to police officers, who drove them to a hospital.

“I can hear the police officers in the front seat saying, ‘Keep him conscious, talk to him,’” McGill said. “That’s when I learned his name.”

McGill held Sumter, talking to him the entire way to the emergency room to keep him conscious.

According to ABC News, Sumter requires surgery, and is currently at an Orlando-area hospital.

Officials say Omar Mateen, 29, was armed with an assault rifle and a handgun when he walked into a nightclub and opened fire. Fifty people, including the gunman, were killed. More than 50 others were injured.