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SAILSBURY, N.C. – A family says not even death could keep their grandparents apart for very long.

Don and Margaret Livengood were married for 59 years before passing away just hours apart last month.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen doctors and nurses with tears in their eyes,” son David Livengood told the Sailsbury Post.

Margaret, 80, and Don, 84, shared a room together in the intensive care unit at the Carolinas Health Care System in North Carolina where they lived their final days.

Staff positioned their beds so the couple could face each other, side-by-side. For days, they held hands, despite the tubes and tape that encircled them.

On August 15, Margaret died around 8 a.m. Just a few hours later at around 5:00, Don died too.

“If she was going to go, he wanted to go with her,” Dr. Randy Schisler told Inside Edition.

Family members say the couple’s love will inspire them for generations to come.

“They had a love like no other,” daughter Pattie Beaver said. “An that love will live in our hearts forever.”