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A group of good Samaritans are being called heroes after successfully rolling an SUV over to free a 9-year-old girl trapped underneath.

According to Bay News 9, a group of people pulled over alongside I-75 in Ruskin, Florida after a Ford Excursion flipped over a guardrail into the median, landing on its roof.

Dayna Gibson and her father, David Lowe, witnessed the crash. Along with several other good Samaritans, they were able to rescue the 31-year-old driver, but her 9-year-old daughter was pinned underneath the overturned car.

“She told us that her youngest daughter was under the vehicle,” Gibson told Bay News 9. “So at that time all of us ran around to the other side and we saw the little girl’s arm sticking out from under the vehicle.”

Gibson said at first they were unable to roll the SUV over. Thankfully, about 50 other drivers pulled to the side of the road and rushed to help, eventually freeing the girl.

“We achieved what would have been impossible by coming together,” Gibson said. “There were people from all walks of life there, it didn’t matter.”

The three passengers of the car were taken to a nearby hospital and are expected to be OK.