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KINGSTON, Ga. –¬†A mother is thanking a UPS driver for making her son’s day a little bit brighter.

Three-year-old Dallas has Common Variable Immune Deficiency. His mother, Penny Shireman, says every week he undergoes infusions at home to replace missing antibodies to fight off infections.

Every three weeks, their UPS driver, Mark, drops off the necessary supplies. Shireman says her son loves seeing the delivery truck, and waits patiently by the door on delivery day.

This week, Mark dropped off a few surprises for Dallas, including a lunchbox, a toy truck and a sweet note.

“From your UPS man, Mark. Enjoy little man!” the note read.

Shireman said her son was thrilled.

“Dallas is beyond excited,” she wrote on Facebook. “Thank you Mark and UPS for making my little guy’s day.”