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By Casey McNerthney,

SEATTLE — When Interstate 5 traffic came to an actual standstill Monday afternoon in Seattle, a local taco truck started serving food on I-5 near the old Rainier Brewery.

“It was a mess, but we made the best of it!” said Rachael McQuade, who took pictures of the Tacos El Tajin truck in the northbound lanes. “Nice people all around.”

The crash happened about 10:10 a.m. Monday because of a crash involving an overturned tanker truck, and by lunchtime the taco truck that is usually serving around Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood was in full swing.

Staff said there were so many people getting food, they couldn’t talk for long.

“I saw people walking back to their cars with to-go boxes,” McQuade told KIRO. “The truck was about eight cars in front of me.”

McQuade made it off I-5 after about five hours, but others weren’t as lucky. At 3 p.m. local time, the backup continued for miles, with no estimated reopening time.