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CROCKETT, Tx. – A fire chief is crediting his barber with helping to save his life, after he spotted a strange spot above his ear.

John Angerstein is fire chief of the Crockett, Texas fire department. He’s used to saving other people’s lives, but never imagined that his own life would need saving someday.

Angerstein told KTRE that as he sat down for a haircut one day, his barber noticed a strange spot on his head.

“My barber mentioned I had a spot on my head, actually right above my ear,” said Angerstein. “I have other moles, so I ignored it and went home. I had another person hen point it out, so I called my dermatologist that night and set up an appointment for the next day.”

The dermatologist referred him to the Cancer Center in Houston, who told him that the mole was an aggressive form of cancer, and they would have to operate.

“I didn’t know whether I was going to be okay or not,” said Angerstein.

After the surgery, doctors told Angerstein he was lucky; the cancer hadn’t yet spread to his lymph nodes.

“I was very blessed,” said Angerstein. “There were people in various stages of cancer down there in a whole lot worse shape than I was in.”

Angerstein said he wants his story to be an inspiration to others.

“I don’t want to be a sob story,” said Angerstein. “What I want others to get out of this is to go get your physical… Time is really of the essence between getting something cut out and chemo or radiation.”