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When did you learn about investing money?

One dad is teaching his kids early, and now people around the world are praising him for teaching his kids about money and kindness.

On Father’s Day, the Facebook post appeared on the popular Humans of New York blog and Facebook page. 

“Every week I get one dollar for allowance,” the boy explains. “Then I get to choose the section where I put my dollar. There are four sections: spend, save, donate, and invest.”

If the boy puts the dollar in the “invest” bucket, his parents give him two pennies at the end of the month. The incentive is working. The boy says he has “way over $10” in his investing section.

“I used to have more but I took some money out and put it in my ‘donate section.’ We used to it to buy food for people who don’t have much money in their ‘spend section.’”

He’s only spent money twice, he says.