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Police are praising three elderly citizens who managed to tackle and hold down a wanted man until police arrived.

Peter Muller, 70, spotted a man inside his deceased mother-in-law’s home in England. Muller said when he spotted the man, later identified as 37-year-old Stephen Ward, he was holding a bag of jewelry.

Two of Muller’s family members, Adly Gorrara, 81, and Sheila Gorrafa, 78, helped him pin down Ward until police arrived.

Body camera footage shared on social media by the Derbyshire Constablulary shows an officer slapping a pair of handcuffs on the man as the elderly trio continue to hold him down.

“Peter, Adly and Sheila should be recognized for their courage and quick-thinking. Thanks to their actions, this burglar is now behind bars,” the Derbyshire Constabulary wrote on Facebook.

They were given a Derbyshire Constabulary Award for their bravery in a special ceremony.

Watch the amazing footage below: