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A Colorado woman says she will forever cherish the moment she and her dying mother learned she was pregnant with a baby girl.

Taylor Masilotti, 26, thanked the staff at Longmont United Hospital for allowing her to lay next to her mom, Donna Callender, when she learned the gender of her baby.

Taylor’s boyfriend recorded the heartwarming moment. She posted the touching moment to Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

Just three days later, Donna died at 58 years old.

Donna has been battling lung and brain cancer for years. Taylor told the Today Show she was diagnosed in October 2014 with stage 4 cancer. Doctors told her she had less than a year to live, but she survived for nearly two years after that.

“That video reminds me of her strength and grace,” said Taylor. “It motivates me to want to be able to be that strong for my daughter.”

She thanked the hospital for allowing her to share the special moment with her mother.

“Wednesday afternoon was one of my forever memories I got to share with my mom,” Taylor wrote on Facebook on July 29. “I love you so much.”