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Rare Staff

People are like bees, right?

If you ask this little girl wise beyond her years she’ll tell you, yes they are!

While driving in the car one day, this father decided to “quiz” his little girl and subtly teach her some of life’s lessons.

“Who do you love?” he asks her. “How does it make you feel when daddy says, ‘I love you’?”

He also asks if it’s okay to hurt somebody. Is it ever okay?

“When you don’t bother them, they don’t bug you,” she says, adding that “they’re like bees.”

Then her dad gets out to go pump the gas. Little does she know: the camera is still rolling.

“It’s not nice to hurt people, and when you’re sad, that means you have  broken heart. And then, when (somebody) says something nice to you, your heart’s back together,” she says to herself. “And it’s not nice to hurt people.”

What a sweet angel.

Watch the video here.