Kansas, Mo. – A father is recovering from two surgeries after taking a bullet for a 9-month-old.

Ciara DeBarge of Kansas City, Missouri said she was at home with her kids, her brother, Dejuante Crawford, and his children when suddenly someone kicked in their door.

“One first kicked in the door, yelled police and told us to get down on the floor,” recalled DeBarge.

She said she had never seen the men before.

“One of those guys pointed a gun at my brother. My brother tussled with him and another guy grabbed my nephew and threw him across the room and then he shot and then that’s when our dog attacked him, ” said DeBarge.

One of the men shot and killed the dog, DeBarge said.

One intruder threatened her with a gun and demanded money, DeBarge said. Moments later, one of the robbers tried to shoot her brother’s baby boy.

Her brother jumped in front of the gun and took a shot to the back.

“Thank God nobody else was hurt. He could’ve killed my brother’s son,” said DeBarge. “They stole my brother’s two registered guns, robbed us of our peace and everything. I just want the police to catch them.”

Kansas City police are still searching for the armed robbers.

Dad takes bullet when intruder fires at 9-month-old son

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