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FUQUAY, Va. – A North Carolina father is asking for answers after he says a daycare worker scrubbed his face raw.

Photos show little Agustin’s face sore and bleeding. Dad Agustin Luna says his son and his little brother drew on each other with magic marker the night before.

“I washed them at home, it don’t come off,” Luna told WLS. “I couldn’t take the marker off their skin.”

Luna told teachers what happened when he dropped Agustin off the next morning. He says he didn’t know the teachers would try to scrub the marker off.

“I told him, ‘Why didn’t you run away from her?’ He say, ‘She was holding me. She was holding me in my arm and I told her to stop, I told her that it was hurting me. And she said, ‘No, stop crying!'” Luna said.

Luna said the teacher called him crying the next day, apologizing.

According to WLS, the owners of the school say they believe the teacher was trying to help.