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DEVON, England – A mother is outraged after she says her 4-year-old daughter was superglued to a toilet seat at a McDonalds in England.

Mom Nicole Langmead said her daughter, Kaya, managed to free herself from the seat, but it left the backs of her legs raw red.

“Mum let me go to the toilet like a big girl,” said Kaya in an interview posted to YouTube. “Two girls came out, then there was superglue on the toilet seat and it hurt.”

Nicole said she alerted the McDonald’s staff after she found her daughter in tears. The staff gave Kaya a balloon make her feel better.

The BBC reports Nicole later posted to Facebook writing, “To the two young blonde girls that thought it would be so hilarious to put super glue on the disabled and baby changing toilet in McDonalds, I just want you to know that I’m still having to console my four-year-old daughter who was unfortunate enough to use the toilet after your little prank.The backs of her legs and bum are red raw after the glue had stuck her to the seat and she has been in tears on and off since, I hope you’re proud of yourselves!”

Police are now looking for the two girls who were in the bathroom before Kaya. A McDonald’s spokesperson said they have provided officials with surveillance footage.