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AUSTRALIA – A baby girl is bringing some much-needed joy to two parents who lived a nightmare.

Baby Violet May Maslin arrived Tuesday, nearly two years after Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris lost their three children in the Malaysian Airlines plane crash in 2014.

“We still live with pain, but Violet, and the knowledge that all four kids are with us always, brings light to our darkness,” the couple said in a statement.

Investigators say the plane was shot down by a pro-Russian missile. All 298 souls on board perished in the crash.

The couple’s children, Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8 were on the plane, flying home from a vacation in Europe. Their grandfather, 68-year-old Nick Norris was also on board with them.

Anthony and Marite decided to stay behind in the Netherlands for a few days, the Today Show reports.

The couple said the tragedy was “a hell beyond hell” according to NBC News.

“We believe that Mo, whose 14th birthday was Saturday, Evie, 12 next week, Otis, 10 next month, and Grandad Nick have sent us an amazing gift,” the couple said. “Violet’s birth is a testament to our belief that love is stronger than hate.”

Now, the couple is looking to the future.

“Violet brings some hope and joy for us. We hope she brings hope and joy for you too,” the couple said.