BARROW COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia boy critically injured when a tree limb fell on him continues to make progress in his recovery.

Monday morning, Tripp Halstead’s mom posted on their Facebook page that Tripp spoke when she asked him a question about the TV.

“I literally cried and kissed his face off the first time he did it,” Stacy posted on Tripp Halstead Updates.

Stacy Halstead posted a video that shows Tripp saying the word “on” when she asks him if he wants the TV turned on.

Stacy said it’s the second time in two days she’s heard him speak.

“Yesterday we thought Tripp said “out” while he was crying in the stander. Well today he is a happy camper and I swear he said “on” for the TV,” she posted.

She ended the post with the words “So happy!!!!!!”

Tripp was critically injured nearly 3 years ago. He has since undergone over a dozen surgeries and countless hours of physical therapy on his road to recovery.

Boy who suffered traumatic brain injury speaks for the first time in years

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