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Simply beautiful!

When 11-year-old Nicholas DeGregorio learned an elderly veteran was on his way to a cancelled Memorial Day parade, he got out his trumpet and told his parents he wanted to play for the man he had never met.

Nicholas was scheduled to play in the parade before it was canceled due to rain.

“Nicholas felt so bad for all of the veterans that would not have a parade in honor of all their fallen comrades,” Mary Bellissimo-DeGregorio, Nicholas’ mom, told Bellmore Patch. 

When a woman walked up to the two of them and told them her dad, Chris Iannacone, a disabled World War II veteran, was on his way, Nicholas knew what he wanted to do.

“He was thrilled and Nicholas was thrilled as well to have the opportunity to play for him and brighten his morning,” Mary wrote. “Behind every cloud is a silver lining.”