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OKEECHOBEE, Fla. – Doctors are trying to figure out how a blind woman’s fall restored her vision.

Mary Ann Franco is now seeing the world with fresh eyes.

“Oh, God. It’s so wonderful to see!” she told WPBF as she described watching the sun come through the trees.

In 1995, she was in a car crash and suffered multiple injuries, including some to her spine. Just days after the accident, her vision started to fade, and soon everything went “blackish gray.”

“I couldn’t see anything,” Franco recalled.

For 21 years, she lived without vision. But recently, she fell inside her Okeechobee, Florida home, and injured her neck.

Doctors had to operate because of the injury, and when she awoke, she could see.

“I said, ‘Lady, you with all that purple on you, give me something for pain,’” Franco said. “And my niece says, ‘What did you say, Mary?’”

Her neurosurgeon can’t quite understand how she regained her vision. He believes the injury may have restricted blood flow to the part of her brain that allowed vision. Perhaps when he performed the surgery, he un-kinked the artery, restoring her vision.

“It really is truly a miracle,” said Dr. John Afshar.