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By Nicole Moschella

On Monday night, CNN paid tribute to the 49 victims of the massacre at an Orlando LGBT nightclub.

In the video, Anderson Cooper read the names of the victims and immediately, he got choked up. Cooper was filming on location in Orlando and started the tribute with an emotional message to viewers.

“They were more than a list of names. They were people who loved and were loved. They are people with families, friends and dreams. And, the truth is, we don’t know much about some of them, but we want you to hear their names and a little about who they were,” Cooper said before starting to read the names.

By the end of the long list of victims, Cooper was in tears.

“I think it is important that you hear their names,” he said.

Prior to CNN’s tribute, Cooper tweeted the names of the victims in a series of tweets.

Cooper also shared a message for viewers to tune in to his broadcast on Monday night.

“Will be reporting from tonight from 8-10pm. And no, I won’t be showing the killer’s picture or using his name,” he wrote.