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As bride Shandace Robertson and her groom were walking around outside their wedding venue in Seattle to look for a place to take photos, they had no idea about the adorable interaction that was about to occur.

Robertson was approached by a little girl and her mom and was told by the mom that the toddler thought she looked like the real-life princess from her favorite book, “Woman in White,” by Wilkie Collins.

Photo: Stephanie Cristalli/

“I look at the book and it’s a lady in a white dress and I’m like, ‘Aww this so sweet,’” Roberston told ABC News. “I kneeled down and said, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ and she just smiled.”

Photo: Stephanie Cristalli/

Robertson gave the little girl a hug and gave her a flower from her bouquet.

Photo: Stephanie Cristalli/

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“The day is really busy and you’re running around but to take three minutes to say ‘hi’ to her and give her a hug, it was one of the best most moments of the day,” she said. “I was just beaming for the rest of day and talking about it for weeks after that. My heart was just overjoyed.”

“Shandace made her feel very special by giving her a rose and a hug,” the toddler’s mom said. “It was very sweet.”

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