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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – The quick actions of a 9-year-old helped save a young girl’s life.

Keyuna Jordan, 3, was caught on surveillance footage wading into a pool Friday afternoon when she went under for almost two minutes and stopped breathing.

Keyuna’s 9-year-old cousin saw her laying still in the water, and pulled her out.

Breanna Moseley, 18, heard the kids yelling.

“I walked over as quickly as I could and saw she wasn’t breathing,” Moseley told WFTV.

She performed CPR on the girl, which she learned three years ago in high school.

“I did mouth-to-mouth for a minute, did some light chest compressions. I didn’t want to hurt her,” she said.

Keyuna woke up on her own, but was flown to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando as a precaution.

Police said Keyuna’s aunt, Jasmine Johnson, sent the kids to the pool while she cleaned the apartment.

She said she was on her way to the pool when she heard about the incident.