NEW YORK – A Holocaust survivor clutched a bouquet of roses at JFK Airport in New York, waiting to meet the woman who hid him during the Holocaust.

Michael Hochberg once lived in secret inside Krystyna Jakubowksa’s home. Krystyna’s mother, Rozalla, opened her arms to 4-year-old Michael during the Holocaust.

For more than two years, the family kept Michael hidden. WCBS reports he would sometimes sneak out for fresh air at night.

Krystyna was a teenager at the time.

“Germans announced very often, in public, on the streets, what would happen if someone is saving a Jew,” she said through a translator.

In 1945, they were liberated by the Russian Army. Michael was taken from Krystyna and her family and was sent to live in a Jewish orphanage.

At age 18, he moved to Isreal where he still lives today.

70 years later, Holocaust survivor reunites with woman who saved him

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