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HARRIS COUNTY, Tx. – A father is demanding answers after his daughter managed to trick school officials with a poorly written note. Officials sent her home, when no one was there to let her inside.

Charlie Dahu says his daughter, Rosabella, usually goes to the school’s after-care program. But on Monday, she wrote a note, tricking her teachers into allowing her to take the bus home.

Dahu says school officials should have immediately realized his daughter forged the note.

“You can see clearly she did not even spell the word ‘bus’ right,” Dahu told KTRK.

Rosabella got on the bus and went home, but no one was there. So she stood outside her house until a neighbor noticed something wasn’t right.

“She came to ask my wife to use the restroom and that’s when I figured there was something wrong,” said neighbor Rolando Lozano.

The school says they are reviewing the incident.