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Distressing video surfaced on Facebook showing a 6-month-old girl struggling to swim after falling face-first into a pool of water.

The video shows the baby girl sitting on the steps of a pool. An adult woman appears to be sitting next to her. Another woman is in the pool, taunting the baby with a green sandal.

As the baby reaches for the shoe, she falls head-first into the pool. The adults around her don’t react, and the girl struggles to flip herself over.

She eventually does, and desperately kicks her feet and arms to keep her face above water.

A woman, who’s filming the whole thing, is heard saying, “Good girl!” as the baby struggles and tries to cry.

The video continues for another minute and a half. The girl’s head sometimes dips below the water for a moment, but none of the adults react.

Finally, the woman behind the camera slowly approaches the baby and lifts her out of the water, saying, “I got you baby.”

The video posted by Facebook user “Dov” has the caption, “So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young!”

Commenters on th evideo have mixed reactions, ranging from outrage, to support, to something in-between. What do you think of the video?