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HOUSTON, Tx. – It’s okay to chuckle — the little girl in the photos is just fine. In fact, she’s already laughing about it too.

Five-year-old Summer Gidden of Houston, Texas got a bit of a scare when an angry goose got a little defensive.

“I was the slowest,” Summer told KHOU.

Summer and some of her friends were chasing some geese around the neighborhood. But one goose decided she wasn’t going to take it, and chased them back.

All of her friends and siblings scattered, and the goose made Summer fall to the ground. Her neighbor, Tracey, came to her rescue. Tracey’s husband was snapping the photos.

Summer’s big sister, Stevie, posted the photos to Twitter, where they quickly went viral.

Summer doesn’t mind one bit! In fact, she’s enjoying all the attention. She says she’s perfectly okay, with not even a scratch on her.