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REED CITY, Mich. – A little girl is okay after investigators say she fended for herself for several days, after her babysitter passed away.

Mom Megan Wheelock told WOOD-TV that she left her 2-year-old daughter in the care of Ron Finkler, a family friend, at his Michigan home. Hayleigh had been living with Finkler part-time while her mother worked.

Hayleigh’s father is currently locked up on drug charges.

Wheelock said she was supposed to meet with with Finkler and her daughter for Mother’s Day, but he never showed up.

She tried to call Finkler, but he didn’t answer her calls. She said it wasn’t uncommon for him to ignore her calls.

She said her mother-in-law got through and spoke directly with Hayleigh. She never spoke with Finkler on that call.

Wheelock said she wanted to go to Finkler’s home to check on hem, but she didn’t have a ride. The two live in different cities.

After three days, Wheelock asked authorities to check on the home. That’s when they discovered Hayleigh had been fending for herself for several days.

The toddler was treated at a hospital. Her mother says she plans to turn guardianship over to a relative, which she works to find a better living situation.

Officials believe Finkler died of natural causes.