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A girl with a big heart refused to celebrate her 10th birthday without her grandmother at her side, so her family decided to to move the party to her nursing home.

Mom Kimber Boshers of Pulaski, Tennessee told ABC News that her daughter, Ellie, has always had a close relationship with her grandmother.

“We’ve always made her birthday parties a big deal,” Boshers said.

Ellie’s grandmother has always been a part of Ellie’s birthday festivities. This year, however, grandma Rita Blankenship was at a nursing home, recuperating after complications from spinal surgery.

“It’s just hard to see her having such a hard time and I was just scared that something might happen and this might be one of the last events,” said Ellie.

“It is not uncommon for her to just tear up or have a full-on good cry out of the blue just because Granny is on her mind and she’s worried about her or she misses her,” Kimber told Babble.

So mom Kimber decided to move the “Alice In Wonderland”-themed party to Rita’s nursing home. It was a total surprise to Rita, who was thrilled be be included in the party.

“I loved it. It was so much fun. My favorite part was pretty much seeing the look on Granny’s face,” said Ellie.