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VERO BEACH, Fl. – A kitten is safe and sound thanks to a woman who destroyed her own car to save it.

Denise Wilford-Neal was distraught when she heard a kitten crying inside the dashboard of her car.

She and her family tried to lure the kitten out with food and water, but after 20 hours, nothing seemed to work according to WPEC.

She was getting desperate, worried about the heat inside the car.

The family called car mechanics, who helped to take apart the dashboard, but the frightened kitten managed to wedge itself into an unreachable corner of the dash.

Eventually, they used a saw to cut through the dashboard of her vintage Monte Carlo. She says she can’t afford a new car right now, but rescuing the kitten was worth it.

She has since adopted the kitten, named Monte, and says she would do it again in a heartbeat.

“Yes, because it’s a baby!” said Wilford-Neal.

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