By Natalie Dreier

Cox Media Group National Content Desk

WINTERVILLE, Ga. — A rare and beautiful animal has a new home.

Isis is an albino raccoon. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources found the 4-year-old female in a suspended wire cage.

The operators of A New Hope Animal Sanctuary in Winterville, Georgia, said she came to them covered in fleas, sores and urine burns, believing she had never touched the ground, living most of her life caged near other animals.

Officials with the Department of Natural Resources dropped her off at the sanctuary temporarily while they looked for a permanent home for what they deemed as an “aggressive animal.”

But sanctuary workers say she’s anything but aggressive. They said that as soon as they showed her kindness, she turned into a loving animal, or even a pet that wanted to be held.

They came up with, in their opinion, the perfect name, Isis, naming the raccoon after the Egyptian goddess of life and magic.

Isis has also been able to meet other animals at the sanctuary, like Ghost, another raccoon that calls A New Hope home.

A New Hope says that it costs about $100 a month to care for Isis. If you’d like to help, click here.


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