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A man says if it hadn’t been for four stray dogs, an abandoned newborn girl likely would have died.

The Times of India reports school teacher Ulhas Chowdhury was walking his his neighborhood in West Bengal, India when he suddenly heard a baby crying in a some nearby shrubs.

When he peeked into to bushes, he saw four stray dogs standing around a newborn girl wrapped in a pink cloth.

Chowdhury alerted his neighbor, who brought the baby some milk.

“She stopped crying after having that,” Chowdhury told the Times of India.

Police took the baby to the Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital. Doctors determined she was 7-10 days old.

“Though she has signs of jaundice, there is nothing to fear,” said Dr. Shibshankar Mahato.

The baby will be place at a state-run adoption center.

Chowdhury says he’s relieved he found the baby girl before it was too late.

“Had it not been for the dogs, we would probably have lost the baby. We are all grateful to them,” Chowdhury said.