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Two women died less than 24 hours apart in Selma, Alabama.

It all started when 29-year-old Kalyn Rolan was making funeral arrangements for her mother, Roberta Lynn.

Rolan was on a haystack talking on the phone when fire ants came out of it and attacked her.

Family members told WSFA that Rolan was severely allergic to fire ants. She started swelling and couldn’t breathe. She died in her husband’s arms. She leaves behind her husband and two young boys.

Kalyn’s best friend remembers the good times.

“She’d be in a really bad mood, but she’d always laugh at me and tell me ‘you crazy girl’; we just had a good time all the time,” Regina Tatum told WSFA.

Tatum urges anyone with severe allergies to get an Epipen.

According to WSFA, the Alabama Department of Public Health Center for Health Statics that three people died from yellow jacket or bee stings and one person died because of a snake between 2013 and 2015. No one had been killed by ants during that period.