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BELMONT, N.C. – A playful pup missed his friends at doggy daycare so much that he ventured out on his own to pay them a visit.

Riley the golden retriever has been a regular at Happy Dog Cafe in Bellmont, North Carolina for five years.

On Saturday, he was in the car with his owner when they passed the daycare. Riley spotted a group of his dog pals out for a walk, WBTV reports.

His owner, Tonia Mosteller, said Riley started whining as they drove away. She later dropped him off  at home, gave him a treat, and left the house.

Riley, meanwhile, managed to open the back gate and made his way one mile down the road to the daycare, where he sat outside until someone let him in.

The daycare owner was shocked to see Riley.

“I walked outside to see if Tonia was right behind him, and she wasn’t,” Happy Doge Café owner Teresa McCarter told WBTV.

McCarter called his owners to let them know, and he spent the entire day playing with his doggy pals.

“He got a free day of daycare and he worked really hard for that day,” McCarter laughed.