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By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

BANGKOK – A dog in Thailand has been given two new legs.

Cola was 9 months old when a man with a sword chopped off his legs, ABC in Australia reported. A neighbor of the owner punished the dog for chewing a pair of shoes.

The dog’s owner offered his neighbor money to pay for the ruined shoes, but the neighbor came back that night with a sword.

The attacker said in court that it was an accident and was sent to detention for a month, according to news reports.

The case was reported to Soi Dog Foundation, an animal welfare group in Asia, which helped save Cola’s life.

Cola was fitted with a wheeled harness to help him get around as he healed. He also walked, or hopped, on his back legs.

But new prosthetics help Cola run and play.

Cola also found a new home. The foundation’s owner John Dalley and his wife Gill have taken Cola into their home. Gill Dalley and Cola have something in common. She is also a double amputee after losing her legs when she contracted a rare bacteria while rescuing a dog from a flooded field in 2004, ABC reported.