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TUSTIN, Calif. – A man is facing animal cruelty charges, among several other charges, for allegedly getting his dog high on methamphetamine, heroin and nicotine.

According to a Facebook post by the Tusitin Police Department, police officers in California found Bubba in a motel room in March.

The terrier mix was lethargic and showing signs of being high. Tests showed he had meth, heroin and nicotine in his system. Police say it’s unclear whether the dog ingested the drugs, or breathed in second-hand smoke.

Police officer took custody of Bubba and released him to Orange County Animal Care.

The dog has since been treated for his addiction “is doing excellent,” according to the police department.

Once Bubba has fully recovered, he will be placed with a rescue organization, where police hope he will find a forever home.

KCBS reports police arrested Bubba’s owner, Joshua West, for an outstanding warrant, a parole violation, possession of drug paraphernalia, heroin and methamphetamine.