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A family is trying to save their brave poodle, who nearly died while protecting the family’s young daughter from a vicious stray dog.

On Valentine’s Day, Nissa, 11, stepped out of the family car in front of their Texas home. Nissa says that’s when a stray pit bull came charging toward her, growling.

She screamed for her mom, but it was her tiny, 9-pound poodle, Bobo, who came to her rescue. Little Bobo bravely fought the dog until Nissa’s mom uses a chair to chase away the stray.

“I was really sad and afraid that he wasn’t going to make it through,” said Nissa.

Bleeding and crying, Bobo was rushed to an animal hospital. The family spent almost every dime they had, even Nissa’s college money, to save him. They say it’s the least they could do after he fought to save them.

Bobo will be released from the hospital this weekend.